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Leading Construction, HVAC, and Catering Fleet Detailing Experts In Southern Pennsylvania

Transparent, Convenient, and Efficient Commercial Detailing In Lancaster & Berks 

Maintain Your Fleet With The Most Convenient Detailing Services In Southern Pennsylvania.

If you rely on commercial vehicles to keep your business moving.

You need someone who can maintain your vehicles Quickly and Efficiently!

At Shine Worx, we detail over 100 commercial vehicles every single month.

We understand the importance of getting your vehicles back on the road fast!

Without sacrificing the quality.

If you're looking for Convenient, Affordable, and Hassle-free detailing services for your fleet,

Reach out to us today - get a customized plan and join companies like Blue Ridge Builders, Stratix Systems, Advanced Comfort, and more...

5 Benefits Of Working With Shine Worx!


✔︎ Reliable and Efficient - We've worked with numerous businesses, and understand that each one has different needs and values. Our services are tailored to respect and fulfill your needs consistently, and flawlessly!

✔︎ Value For Money - We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services at competitive prices. We aim to offer the best value, ensuring that you get high-quality services at a fair price point.

✔︎ Flexible Options - We are 100% mobile, revolve around your schedule, and service all types of vehicles. We are always a phone call away from coming to you and transforming your vehicles in a timely manner.

✔︎ Environmentally Friendly - Our commitment to the environment is solid. We only use eco-friendly products that are not only gentle on your vehicles but also kind to our planet. 

✔︎ Experienced and Trustworthy Team - Our team of professional detailers has years of experience in the industry. Trained to the highest standards, we ensure your commercial vehicles shine and reflect the quality of your business.

Request a Detailing Plan That
Suits Your Interests!

Fill out the quick form below to get a call or a visit from our team and develop a plan that works for you!

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Or Reach Out To Us:

Reading, PA (serving Berks & Lancaster and surrounding areas)

+1 610-223-1220

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